Click of The Week #29: Marwan Azis

December 6th, 2007 ·

When we read a newspaper, we are bombarded with news on politics, economy, business, crimes and sports. We don’t find articles on environment too often, unless the issue is really high profile and involving big names.

That’s why I’m going to give a nod to Marwan Azis, a self-proclaimed freelance environment journalist, by choosing his blogs as Click of the Week. Perhaps I should say Clicks of the Week since he is taking care of three blogs: petualanganku.multiply.com; etalasehijau.blogspot.com and greenpressnetwork.blogspot.com.

The first two blogs are his personal blogs where he posted his work on various environmental issues. While the third one is the official blog for an organization for environment journalists, the Green Press Network, where Marwan acts as the editor. Green Press Network adopts citizen journalism principle where Marwan invites everyone who read his blog to submit environmental-related articles to be posted in his blog.

Obviously, Marwan is passionate about delivering news on the environment and we should salute him for doing it. Indonesia is such a vast country with great natural treasure and thanks to journalists likeMarwan, we can stay updated in any environmental issues that are happening all over the archipelago.

We need more people to care about the environment in this country. Perhaps by reading Marwan’s blogs, some people will think twice about throwing garbage out of their speeding cars.

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