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Go Green! Mulailah dari Rumah Anda!!

Ini ada artikel singkat tapi menarik untuk kita terapkan bagi setiap individu yang peduli dengan pemanasan global yang diposting oleh kawan Malwa (anggota mailinglist Walhinews), berikut ulasanya.(Red)

Global Warming atau pemanasan global akibat efek rumah kaca pada bumi
makin menjadi perhatian banyak kalangan akhir-akhir ini.

Berbagai fenomena alam aneh -seperti kacaunya ritme pergantian musim
misalnya, menjadi pertanda betapa mendesaknya isu lingkungan hidup ini.

Apa penyebab efek rumah kaca yang terbesar? Listrik!! Penggunaan
listrik memang jadi biang penyumbang terbesar (37%) gas rumah kaca.

Soalnya, pembangkit listrik yang bekerja akan menghasilkan polusi,
salah satunya CO2. Begitu konsentrasi CO2 meningkat di atmosfer, makin
banyak pula gelombang panas yang dipantulkan permukaan bumi diserap
atmosfer. Akibatnya? Suhu permukaan bumi pun ikut meningkat.

Jika masih sayang dengan kehidupan cucu dan buyut anda di masa depan,
mulailah ikut berperan mengurangi efek rumah kaca. Mulai dari rumah

Government/coal love-in gets the Greenpeace treatment

Our volunteers in the UK have been busy this morning. Coal industry bigwigs are holding their annual jamboree at Lord's Cricket Ground in London, where energy minister Malcolm Wicks was to give the opening speech earlier today. But greeting him and other fossil fuel fans were two-metre high fences barricading the entrance with attendant volunteers protesting about the ongoing collusion between government and industry.

And colluding they have been. Documents we received recently reveal that policy makers are bending over backwards to accommodate the wishes of E.on, the energy giant which wants to build the first new coal-fired power station in the UK for over 30 years. In the pipeline are proposals for several more and if the one at Kingsnorth goes ahead (the one that more volunteers scaled back in October and are awaiting trial), the floodgates will be opened.

We didn't stop at the gates though and, when Malcolm Wicks was preparing to speak, plants in the audience delivered our …

Focus the Nation: How would you spend $100 billion in a clean energy movement?

Today, all acroos the country, participants are tuning in and submitting their two-bits on solutions to global warming in a "teach in" called Focus the Nation. More than 1,600 institutions, the majority of which are colleges and universities are involved in this solution think tank.

This gathering of minds involves faculty-led symposiums and round table discussions. The nice feature to it all is there will be an online ballot for anyone who wishes to submit what they think the top five solutions to global warmning should be.

Tonight, at 8 ET, there will be a live webcast coined The 2% Solution, which is produced by the National Wildlife Federation. The title is directly linked to the proposed goal of reducing carbon emissions 2% a year.

The webcast will host a live panel discussion as well as clips from the actor/activist Edward Norton, including many high profile scientists and global warming experts. The viewers will be able to send in text messages on how they might choose t…

Green Power, Energy & Corporate Transformation

Some already established companies are proving to be particularly adept change artists, capitalizing on the green and clean tech trends to craft and carry out corporate strategies that transform their organizations from the top-down and from the bottom-up. Many are found in Europe, where new EU laws and regulation are establishing new ground rules for the energy and power industries.

Ireland’s NTR - up until 2002 known as National Toll Roads – was best known as the operator of Ireland’s West-Link and East-Link toll bridges in Dublin and the North-Link toll motorway on the M1. That was then. Under the helm of CEO Jim Barry and founding director Tom Roche, it has since transformed itself into a leading player in the renewable energy, sustainable waste and environmental management and infrastructure markets, not only in the Irish Republic but in the U.K., Europe and North America as well.

Wind, Earth, Water and Waste

Management’s focus on public-private partnerships and renewable energy, in…

Google to help green technologies amass scale

By Nichola Groom

INDIAN WELLS, California - Google Inc is prepared to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in big commercial alternative-energy projects that traditionally have had trouble getting financing, the executive in charge of its green-energy push said on Wednesday.

The Internet search giant, which has said it will invest in researching green technologies and renewable-energy companies, is eager to help promising technologies amass scale to help drive the cost of alternative energy below the cost of coal.

"There are a lot of technologies that get to the pilot scale and look promising, but the first few large commercial projects deploying those technologies, financing those can be extremely difficult," Dan Reicher said in an interview at the Clean-tech Investor Summit in Indian Wells, California.

"Often the usual equity and debt players will say come back to us when you've demonstrated this at scale," said Reicher, director of climate and energy initiativ…

Car-Free, Solar City in Gulf Could Set a New Standard for Green Design

photo : Foster + Partners/The News Times


In an ever more crowded world facing environmental limits, the push is on to create entire communities with reduced needs for energy, water, land and other resources.
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Dot Earth

The latest effort comes not in some green hub like Portland, Ore., but in the Persian Gulf, fueled as much by oil wealth — and the need to find postpetroleum business models — as environmental zeal.

Groundbreaking is scheduled for Saturday for Masdar City, a nearly self-contained mini-municipality designed for up to 50,000 people rising from the desert next to Abu Dhabi’s international airport and intended as a hub for academic and corporate research on nonpolluting energy technologies.

The 2.3-square-mile community, set behind walls to divert hot desert winds and airport noise, will be car free, according to the design by Foster + Partners, the London firm that has become a leading practitioner of energy-saving architecture.

The commu…

Pemerintah Diminta Lindungi Orang Rimba

Ketgam :Anak-anak Suku Anak Dalam di TN Bukit Duabelas, foto :eu-indonesia

Jambi- Greenpress- Terkait dengan adanya teror yang mengusik ketenangan orang Rimba yang selama ini mendiami Taman Nasional Bukit Dua Belas (TNBD). Sejumlah aktivis Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat (LSM) menghimbau pada pemerintah agar membuat peraturan yang mampu memberikan perlindungan dan pengakuan keberadan Orang Rimba atau Suku Kubu di Jambi.

Hal tersebut dikemukan Ketua Kelompok Makekal Bersatu (Kelompok Orang Rimba Makekal Kabupaten Sarolangun), Pangendum, didampingi sejumlah aktivis Koalisi Perjuangan Hak Asasi Manusia (KoperHAM) Jambi.(5/2) lalu seperti yang dilansir Antara.

KoperHAM beranggotakan LSM/aktivis lingkungan KMB, Walhi Jambi, Persatuan Petani Jambi, PBHI Sumbar, dan Sokola.

Bagi KoperHAM, peraturan itu dinilai amat mendesak terkait berbagai masalah dan kasus yang dialami masyarakat adat Orang Rimba yang tersebar di Taman Nasional Bukit Dua Belas (TNBD) Kab. Sarolangun dan di luar kawasan taman nasio…